New Machinery for the Fastener, Wire and Cold Forming Industries from Barbarotto Machinery

We Represent the Finest in New Machinery...


Videx Means Innovation in:

  • Thread Rollers
  • Straighten & Cut-Off
  • Wire Forming(Auto & Semi-Auto)
  • Rod Heading & Extruding

PMC Cylindrical Thread Rollers:

Guaranteed Performance.

In-Feed / Thru-Feed Hydraulic Thread Rollers 2 Die & 3 Die Models


Chi Ning Nut Formers are Affordable,
High-Tech alternative to revitalizing American Nut Industry! :

  • High Speed Nut Formers - Range: 1/4" to 1-1/4" (COLD)
  • Parts Formers - Range:
  • Carbide Tooling for all brands of Nut Formers


Drawing Technology:

The Finest In Wire Drawing Machinery and Accessories

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AIM Inc. - CNC Bending Machinery & More...

AIM Inc brings CNC Wire Forming technology to you with the best technical Support.

  • Expand-ability & Versatility
  • Multiple Bending Heads
  • Concurrent Operations
  • Spring Coiling


Industrial Drafting and Machining Inc.

Custom Machine Specialist, Complete Rebuilding.