New Machinery for the Fastener, Wire and Cold Forming Industries from Barbarotto Machinery

We Represent the Finest in New Machinery...


Videx Means Innovation in:

  • Thread Rollers
  • Straighten & Cut-Off
  • Wire Forming(Auto & Semi-Auto)
  • Rod Heading & Extruding

PMC Cylindrical Thread Rollers:

Guaranteed Performance.

In-Feed / Thru-Feed Hydraulic Thread Rollers 2 Die & 3 Die Models


Chi Ning Nut Formers are Affordable,
High-Tech alternative to revitalizing American Nut Industry! :

  • High Speed Nut Formers - Range: 1/4" to 1-1/4" (COLD)
  • Parts Formers - Range:
  • Carbide Tooling for all brands of Nut Formers


Drawing Technology:

The Finest In Wire Drawing Machinery and Accessories

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AIM Inc. - CNC Bending Machinery & More...

AIM Inc brings CNC Wire Forming technology to you with the best technical Support.

  • Expand-ability & Versatility
  • Multiple Bending Heads
  • Concurrent Operations
  • Spring Coiling

Nedschroef Machinery is a leading manufacturer of cold and warm metal forming machines.
Their high-performance machines allow mass production of fasteners and parts.
Nedschroef's goal is to provide the highest quality equipment and solutions to improve our customer’s performance.

Industrial Drafting and Machining Inc.

Custom Machine Specialist, Complete Rebuilding.