3/4" Videx VAS-30-BH Fully Automatic Anchor Bolt Machine


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Tooling and dies.

Catalog Specifications:

  • Feeding the wire, fed from a turn table or an in-line drawer.
  • Cutting to Length, from 10" up to 40" long, including full length threads.
  • Minimum thread size: M-12 (1/2" UNC).
  • Maximum thread size: M-20 (3/4" UNC), with a T/S of up to 100,000 psi
  • Thread Length: 1" to 6" (6-1/8" die pocket).
  • Optional Hand Magazine for thread rolling pre-cut blanks used for double end studs.
  • Bending of Anchor Bolts w/ inner radius of 3/4" and leg length of 3" at rates of:
    • 35 Anchor Bolts with overall blank length longer than 20-1 /2"
    • 70 Anchor Bolts with blank length between 7" to 20-1/2"

Include Features

  • Process Control & Short Cut Detection System, checking the length of parts and the fluent flow of blanks in the various stages of production, stopping the machine should any fault occur, indicating the problem on the control panel
  • Air brakes on the main and straightener motors
  • Auto Lube System for the straightener and bending rack w/ a hazard lamp
  • Speed Controller on the Main Motor, with 6 Preset speeds, enabling to run part at highest possible production rate
  • Strengthened Bending Station
  • Quick-Change thread Length between 4" - 6"
  • Quick-Change long leg length between 12", 14”, 15”, 16” and 18”
  • Pre-Set Straightener speeds for the 5-part lengths above, plus 1 adjustable speed
  • Overall Length change between pre-set parts: 5 - 6 minutes
  • Thread Length change: 5 minutes
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