AIM Inc. - 2-D & 3-D CNC Bending Machinery & More!

Barbarotto Machinery is proud to announce that we have been appointed an official Agent for:

Aim Inc. offers 2-Dimensional & 3-Dimensional CNC Bending Machinery and More!

Aim for the Best CNC Wire Benders in the World

  • We have over 1,000 machines installed, functioning day in and day out.

  • Great Products:

    Simple, heavy rugged design; long Life and low maintenance; high production speeds
  • Better Support / Service:

    5 dedicated technicians that can be dispatched at any time or contacted at AIM.
  • Dial-A-Service:

    allows remote access to any machine anywhere in the world; diagnostics are completed in minutes.
  • The Best Guarantee / Warranty in the business:

    Must meet acceptance by you, the customer, or it never leaves our dock.
  • Exceptional Programming Software with Unlimited Free Updates:

    - as long as you own the machine for AFM Models.
  • Statistical Analysis (with the touch of a button):

    Production rates & times, shifts, days, how much wire is needed (# of spools), time needed to change spools
  • Machine Graphics Animation:

    See machine and part movements before you even make a part.  No more guesswork! 
  • New Email feature - SmartEditor®:

    Can be setup to send an email to a predefined address in case of production start, production stop and machine error. The user can email their current working file to AIM Technical support personnel for immediate help.

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Wire & Fastener industry for over 35 years and would
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